Dress for the Life You Want to Live


Ever heard of the saying, “Dress for the job you want?” Luckily, my career in news takes place behind the scenes where I have more freedom to choose and wear what I want. Without the restrictions of a dress code, my own personal style is allowed to shine through without limitations. But let’s stop for […]

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  Happy Friday EVERYONE! There is nothing better than leaving work on a Friday during the summer time and heading on over to happy hour. Oh wait. I work til 9. I don’t get a happy hour….but that’s ok, because I get a HAPPY WEEKEND! (fist pump in the air) Here we are though…and before […]

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Red, White and Blue Part 2

July- Fourth-Outfit

Throwing together a look last minute can be stressful, but this simple outfit is made up of things most of us can find in our closet. If you follow me, you should know by now that I am obsessed with bodysuits. Perhaps it’s the 90s child in me ( I had a few back then […]

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Red, White and Blue Part 1


The bohemian in me loves summer. I love that I can wear kimonos all season long without having to worry about layering with a coat due to cold weather. Of course if I lived in a warmer climate all year long (for instance California…Timi,I hope you are reading this) I wouldn’t have to worry about such […]

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Fridays Are For Fun and Flowy Dresses


We all have that color that makes us feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on the world. It must be the fiery scorpio in myself, because that color for me has always been red. Now, go find me a flowy red dress and I can promise you that it will be my new favorite […]

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What you Buy is Not What You Get…and WHY That’s A Good Thing!


   I am going to admit something to you. When I purchased this off the rack, I did not try it on. I had just exited the dressing room after trying on about a zillion items when I spotted it. I was exhausted and chose to buy it on a whim, which is so out […]

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